Wasting Time Writing Boilerplate Code for your Flask apps?

Vial is a simple, hackable, well-architected, and well-documented Flask API boilerplate that will let you quickly develop and deploy backends for your projects.

What You'll Get

You will receive source code for the Flask backend, a small framework-agnostic Javascript frontend library, and two guides: one walking through every aspect of the code, and one showing you how to deploy a production-level API to Heroku in minutes.

What is provided out-of-the-box?

Vial sets up a reference backend architecture for you that is designed to support 99% of all use cases, consisting of three types of workers, three persistent data stores, and transactional emails.

Feature Highlights

A single source file means no complex structure to remember
Supports development, testing and production configurations
Mocked services during dev & testing makes it a breeze to get started
Flexible and easy-to-use role-based authorization system
Multiple persistent data stores (Redis, SQL, S3) cater to every use case
Maintains a clean separation between Flask backend and Javascript frontend
Can be extended to support multiple API versions using Flask blueprints
Robust and secure user registration and token-based authentication
Celery-based asynchronous background workers and scheduled jobs
Simple administration approach using custom command-line interface
Simple framework-agnostic, promise-based JS library for accessing API endpoints
Endpoints for password change, password reset, and forgot password
Supports email confirmation for accounts out of the box
Can be deployed to production environment on Heroku in minutes

Who is this for?

Vial is perfect for developers who know the basics of building Flask web apps but who want to avoid wasting hours implementing all the extra scaffolding needed to ship their projects.

Vial is not a turnkey solution for any specific type of app. It simply adds initialization, configuration and scaffolding code for the various pieces needed for a complete web app, along with flexible user authentication and authorization.

Why should I buy this?

Start your project with a well-architected, elegant codebase that saves you time, lets you ship faster, and iterate quickly afterwards.

You will be able to understand the code in its entirety

The backend code clocks in at around 500 lines of Python code. The frontend is a simple, framework-agnostic JS library in a single source file.

You will be able to iterate faster when bootstrapping

The code is easy to extend and minimizes complex abstractions. It is readable, well-commented and incorporates best practices for Python code.

You won't have to setup up all the moving pieces for a web app

Supports dev, test, and production configs, Celery workers for asynchronous tasks, multiple persistent data stores, and outgoing emails.

Heavily Documented
You won't waste time hunting around for the explanations you need

Two included guides provide a concise walkthrough of the code, suggest how you can tailor Vial for your app's needs, and how to deploy to Heroku.

Launch Pricing

$149 99

Single site deployment. Perfectly suited for bootstrappers, solo founders, and startups.

$499 299

Unlimited site deployments. Ideal for serial founders, freelancers and agencies.

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